Funny Music Boxes

Posted by Hector Morales on

Are you trying to find an item that matches your funny personality? There are thousands of creative options you could get for your home or give to a friend. However, nothing can transmit joy and happiness as well as wooden music boxes.

You’re probably thinking that music boxes are more romantic than funny. Well, they’re perfect for romantic occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s day, weddings, and so much more. However, there are also so many different styles that can turn a traditional item into the funniest element of your home. Besides, you always have the option to personalize your box to make it even more creative.

Types of Funny Music Boxes

So, what are the different ideas for funny music boxes that we’re talking about? You would never imagine the incredible and hilarious designs we have for you here at Shop Music Box by Wooderful Life. Let’s explore some of our best creations for funny music boxes:

When Pigs Fly

Everything is possible in a world where pigs fly. If you’re a fantasy lover, this style is perfect to add that magical touch to your bedroom. There’s only one thing more adorable than one little pig flying through the clouds… three pigs flying through the clouds! When Pigs Fly is made from high quality wood to provide you and your family with a unique experience. 

Surprise Toy Box 

Our Surprise Toy Box design features a lovely little train moving around a happy clown. Made from premium quality wood, this style is ideal for circus lovers, children, and babies. 

Box Puppies

Nobody can resist a box full of puppies. This delicately handcrafted music box is the perfect gift idea for dog lovers. Can you think of something cuter than four little puppies dancing on the top of a wooden music box? It hardly gets any cuter than that. The beauty of Box Puppies has helped it become one our most preferred designs. 

Poker Night

It’s not just any poker night, this one is hosted by adorable dogs. Nothing can beat the poker face of these beautifully handcrafted dogs. This is, without a doubt, one of the most creative design ideas we’ve ever made. Poker night will bring joy and laughter to your “full house” every time you show it to your friends. 

Ready For the Most Unique Music Boxes?

If you’re looking for unique music boxes to decorate your home, we’ve got you covered. Here at shopmusicbox by Wooderful Life, we have the most original and creative handmade music boxes made from the highest quality wood. Don’t settle for less when you could have an incredible music box to add a touch of magic to your home.