Couple Wedding Cake | Wooden Music Box


Plays the Tune: Piano Concerto No.1 B Moll Op.23(Sankyo Movement)

Couple Wedding Cake | Wooden Music Box


Play the tune here.

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  • Made from Natural Timber & Recycled Wood
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  • Description:

    Let the amorous tune of the Lovers Concerto awaken once again all the lovey-dovey feelings and remind you of the grandiosity of love. This gorgeous wooden music box features a beautiful wedding cake with a couple on top, and makes a fantastic gift to a loved one’s wedding or anniversary.

  • Specifications:

    Type: Rotating Head music box

    Tune: Lovers Concerto (Sankyo Movement)

    Dimensions: 4.13" x 4.13" x 5.6"H

    Weight: 13.9oz

  • Materials:

    Wood, Resin, Metal, Plastic

  • Shipping:

    Packed with love and sent out from our US warehouse. Orders arrive in 5 business days. We’ll cover any damages that occur during shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Diane Gragnani

My granddaughter was delighted with this gift for her bridal shower.

Frances Gutierrez
My 49th Anniversary gift!!

Loved it has my favorite colors n is so pretty!!

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