7 Reasons Why A Music Box Is The Perfect Gift

Posted by Hector Morales on

From baby showers to job promotions, weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, Christmas, and more, music boxes are an ideal choice for a gift. Nothing beats a beautiful handmade item that was created and personalized with love. If you still don’t know whether wooden music boxes are the right option for you, here are seven reasons why they are more meaningful than regular gifts. 


One of the best qualities of handmade music boxes is that some companies offer customized music boxes. That means the customer gets to decide the music box design and add any other kind of details to it, such as phrases, dedications, lyrics, song, etc. You can also include special drawings with the colors of your preference. 


Wooden music boxes can be placed anywhere in a house, office, studio, classrooms, and more. Music boxes don’t need to play music the whole day to be a beautiful decoration item. So if you plan on giving it as a decorating item for a desk, don’t worry; you can turn the music off any time or turn the volume down.   

Perfect for All Ages

Music boxes are great for babies, kids, young adults, adults, and the elderly. If you want your baby to fall asleep fast, just let the warming music take them to dreamland. While your children enjoy watching the characters on the box move around, you can relax with a lovely atmosphere at home. Additionally, their classic and traditional style makes them perfect for the elderly. 

Great Home Decorators 

Music boxes are lovely decorators for multiple spaces at home. If you’re looking for familiar and warming home decor, you should absolutely consider having at least three of these little music boxes placed in different areas. Living rooms, bedrooms, nursery rooms, and home offices are some of the best options to set your box. 


The music that comes out of the box is specially selected for users to have the most relaxing experience possible. However, some people get easily annoyed by this type of sound. In that case, we recommend keeping the volume down and just enjoying the pieces' movement, the bright colors, and the adorable design.  

Lasts a Lifetime

With very little maintenance, wooden music boxes are made to resist the pass of years very well. It’s delightful to see unique music boxes being passed down for generations. They become family heirlooms, an honor that not many objects can have.

Warm Environment 

Though we've said it before, this is a very important quality that needs to be highlighted as well. Music boxes have the unique power of turning any sad room into a stylish and pleasant place to be. Its aesthetic design and calming music generate a cozy atmosphere that you and your family will absolutely adore. 

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