What Does a Music Box Symbolize?

Posted by Hector Morales on

Music boxes are always associated with nostalgia. They usually generate this feeling because they were presents from a loved one that's not here anymore, or they remind you of a very special time of your life that you wish to live again. 

There's no better time machine than a wooden music box. It can transport you to your childhood or youth in an instant only by listening to its warming music. Let's explore the impact, and good these personalized music boxes mean for different occasions. 

Baby Showers 

Wooden music boxes are perfect for newborn babies and lifesavers for mommies. Having one placed next to the cradle will give your baby a sensation of calmness and safety. If they struggle to fall asleep, just turn on your music box, and you’ll see your little one sleeping like an angel. 


Unique music boxes are ideal for giving a friend or family member that means a lot to you. A particular song, phrase, drawing, or design can show the other person how much you know and care about them, making this a valuable piece to keep at home.


Handmade music boxes are great gifts to honor a newlywed couple. To make it even more special, you can customize it by engraving a romantic message or their initials. They will remember you every time they see their unique music box at home. 

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